PODGORICA — The POINTPULSE network set up priorities for the future activities and draft four project proposal during sustainability workshop.

Internal accountability and criminal liability in the police were established as the top priority for the future activities of the regional POINTPULSE network during sustainability workshop held in Podgorica from 30 to 31 May 2017.

The goals of this workshop were to finalize the strategic plan of the network, to update the evaluation process and to create new project proposals through collaborative writing. Network members plan to affect change on national, regional and EU level.

Researchers from the regional network concluded that matters of the police internal accountability and criminal liability, as well as financial and human resource management, should be focal points for the future activities in building police integrity.

Network representatives have identified these key areas in cooperation and coordination with experts in writing project proposals from Serbia-based organization Granted.

Matters of criminal liability was recognized as critical because the Western Balkans region has difficulties with transparency and performance of police internal control bodies, prosecutors and national courts in regards to police officers.

Another subject highlighted as important for citizens and for the police is the complaint system. In the future, the POINTPULSE will advocate creating and development of a transparent, effective and efficient mechanism for handling complaints against police officers.

This workshop was organized in preparation for upcoming conference “Fighting Police Corruption: Legal Solutions and Best Practices” that will be held on Thursday, 1 of June 2017, from 10:00 in the Hotel Ramada, lounge Lesendro, Blvd. Save Kovacevica 74 in Podgorica, Montenegro.

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