1. 1200 Arrests in Hit against Drugs and Human Trafficking

Kosovo Police hits 38 criminal groups in order to combat networks of drugs and human trafficking and being assisted by EULEX searched 47 usurpation scheme premises of socially-owned properties in Kosovo.


2. Ongoing Fight against Violent Extremism

Nine police operations were completed to combat violent extremism. 33 suspected persons were arrested and investigations by Kosovo’s law enforcement agencies are ongoing.


3. The Most Trusted Rule of Law Institution In Kosovo

Police are ranked as the most trusted law enforcement institution in Kosovo. Moreover, the police are perceived among the most trusted police institutions in the Western Balkans as well.


4. Kosovo Police Is Ready To Join INTERPOL

Kosovo Police has fulfilled the required technical and professional criteria towards membership in INTERPOL. The police are well prepared to establish a direct connection to INTERPOL’s secure 24/7 network.


5. The Police Is Well Equipped and Trained Internally

European Commission confirmed that the Kosovo Police has established a good system of grading and evaluation systems work properly for the police officers.


1. Continuing Investigation on Police Corruption

The investigation for 59 police officers who were arrested under the suspicious ground of being involved in criminal activities is ongoing. Suspected police officers have been suspended.


2. External Influence to Kosovo Police

Two police officers were laid-off from duties after having fined for illegal parking which was perceived in the public that the police is under the political influence. However, investigations evidenced that the police officers did not violate the law.


3. Decrease of the Police Budget

Around four percent was a reduced budget of the Kosovo Police in 2016 when compared to 2015. It had further challenges police reforms towards building and strengthening of technical, professional and human capacities.


4. No Health Insurance for Police Officers

The Kosovo Police officers face the lack of health insurance. The Government did not allocate in the 2016 budget health insurance for police officers. Also, police officers do not have life insurance while performing their duties.


5. Institution with the Oldest Staff

The average age in the Kosovo Police is 43 making the police among the institutions with the oldest staff. The legal framework regulating recruitment of new staff is still not in place, while it is expected that around 1,000 police officers will get retired.

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