1. The Serbian Assembly Adopted the Law on Police
The new Law on Police improve the human resource management and parliamentary oversight of the police but has not built the police internal control system.


2. EU Opens Chapters 23 and 24 in Negotiations with Serbia
The European Union opens chapters 23 (Judiciary and Fundamental Rights) and 24 (Justice, Freedom, and Security) in negotiations with Serbia. The European Commission has assessed positively Serbia’s action plans for these two chapters.


3. Suspected Serial Rapist Arrested with the Help of Citizens and Media
The police in Serbia published a picture from security cameras and urged the public to help them in finding the suspect. In cooperation with citizens and media, the police caught a serial rapist in less than 24 hours.


4. Agreement on Increasing the Safety of Journalists Was Signed
The representatives of the Ministry of Interior, Prosecutor’s Office and media associations signed the agreement to foster communication between journalists and state institutions in order to solve threats and attacks on journalists.


5. Serbia Has Shown That It Can Be a Partner in Solving the Migrant Crisis
Serbia managed well the migrant crisis and shown that can play an important role in the international protection of refugees. Police proved high readiness to cope with the large number of immigrants who passed through the country.

1. Police Did Not Respond To Citizens Calls
It is still unknown why the police do not respond to calls from citizens eight months after the demolition of Belgrade district Savamala. The Savamala case gathered more than 50 thousand citizens protesting six times for the solution of this case.


2. Serious Shortcomings in the Half-Million Euros Contract for Combat Boots
The Contract on the Procurement was concluded after the envisaged legal deadline. The price was 30% lower than the estimated value and almost 20% lower than the next best offer.


3. Government 11 Months Late’ With Police Director Election
The Serbian Government appointed Vladimir Rebić as the “new” police director after 11 months being the Deputy Chief of Police Directorate. The 49-year-old Rebić served as head of the Traffic Police.


4. Poor Cooperation between the Media and Police
The diminished integrity of the police is trampling on the relations with the media and is preventing proper informing the public. There is a noticeable trend on the MoI’s side in distinguishing between “our” and “their” media.


5. The Layoffs in the Police Was Completed without Plan
The process of rationalization started with forty days media ‘bombing’ the public with the stories of dismissals and layoffs in the police. However, the criteria for layoffs was unclear and undisclosed.


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