PRISTINA—Application of integrity plan and integrity testing in practice together with good human resource management guarantees accountability of Kosovo Police, concluded panelists in the discussion organized by the Kosovar Centre for Security Studies (KCSS) on December 21.

Security expert Nuredin Ibishi highlighted the significance of practical implementation of integrity test for police officers.

“Integrity testing will perform Police Inspectorate. The regulatory framework exists. However, it is not effective in practice. In addition, there is a necessity to draft integrity plan for Police Inspectorate that is an important step in guaranteeing the integrity of security architecture in Kosovo”, explained Ibishi.

Brahim Sadriu from the Kosovo Police pointed out that implementation of integrity plan for the police service started in January 2018.

“In this phase, the police is focused on creating reporting chain. Until now, the police finished three quarterly reports and we expect the final report on integrity plan implementation in 2019”, added Sadriu.

Reviews of the police performance are continuously conducting explained Mustafa Bujar from Police Inspectorate.

“There are positive dynamics within human resources processes in the police. However, distribution of police officials to adequate positions for their ranks is trouble. There is a room for improvement, especially in the personal files management. In addition, it’s important to revise working regulation in the police”, explained Bujar.

The KCSS moderated and organized consultations with police and civil society in order to formulate recommendations for future management of human resource management and internal control of the police.

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