PRISHTINA – The Parliamentary Committee on Internal Affairs and Security are being activated to exercise its role in the police oversight with the aim to strengthen police integrity in Kosovo.

The Kosovo Centre for Security Studies (KCSS) organized on 18 of April a public discussion on police oversight practice in Kosovo aiming to prepare recommendations for improving practice in this area.

The first Vice Chairperson of the Committee on Internal Affairs and Security, Rexhep Selimi has pointed out that the committee established a working group to monitor the implementation of the Law on Police Inspectorate and prepare recommendations.

“However, the biggest challenge is that the recommendations of the parliamentary committees are not respected and implemented by the relevant institutions, such as government and other institutions,” stated Selimi.

A Member of the Kosovo Assembly and Committee on Internal Affairs and Security, Fatmir Xhelili, agreed with the Selimi and added that the committee already met with representatives of the Inspectorate.

“The purpose of the meeting is drafting a report by the Committee regarding the supervision of the implementation of the Law on Police Inspectorate. Apart from this, it is considered that a good cooperation exists between the Kosovo Assembly with the Kosovo Police and the Police Inspectorate of Kosovo,” said Xhelili.

Representatives of the police from the Directorate for Development of Performance and Career, Brahim Sadriu said that the parliamentary oversight is important for the police and added that integrity plan started to be implemented since the 1st of January of this year.

Apart from the issues discussed in the conference, KCSS Researcher Plator Avdiu stated that the Police Inspectorate should go under institutional reforms in order to gain its credibility to build and enhance police integrity in Kosovo.

“Knowing that there are investigations towards the members of the Inspectorate, therefore firstly this institution should be reformed in order to provide its contribution to police integrity,” concluded Avdiu.

Members of the Parliament declared that involvement of non-state actors, such as media and civil society, would be an added value towards democratic oversight of the police.

The KCSS through its expertise and in cooperation with the relevant stakeholders would provide the contribution towards integrity, good governance, and democratization of the security sector, with particular regard to the police and Inspectorate.

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