PRISTINA—Eighty percent of citizens in Kosovo trust the police. However, they believe that a high perception of police corruption might harm its integrity and safety.

Kosovo Police is the top-ranked institution when it comes to public trust, the POINTPULSE network and Kosovar Centre for Security Studies pointed out in the presentation of public perception on police on November 6, 2018, in Pristina.

“A large majority of respondents, 80 percent, trust the police, while 19 percent don’t share that opinion. The trust in justice and anti-corruption institutions is decreasing. However, the Assembly is the least trusted institution”, explained Donika Marku from the Kosovar Centre for Security Studies.

Corruption is the key destructive element, according to the survey. The number of those perceiving police as corrupt is increased.

“Every other citizen in Kosovo ranked the police as corrupt. Majority of them, 67 percent, perceived that corruption is damaging the police”, said Marku.

The survey results indicate that 58 percent of respondents perceived the border police the most corrupt police unit.

An increased perception among respondents that the police serves the interests of political parties and police senior management is evident.

“According to respondents’ opinions, political influence on the operational works of the police is a major problem – around 85 them think that police is under the politicians’ influence”, highlighted Marku.

What is more concerning is the fact that the majority of the respondents’ have expressed their concern that corruption within police affects their safety.

Most of the respondents reported that they feel safe in Kosovo. However, citizens do not perceive the police as the first instance to protect their safety.

Representatives from the Kosovo Police and Police Inspectorate were satisfied with the high level of trust in the police and they expressed commitment to tackling corruption and political influence.

In addition, Kosovo Police will push forward to increase transparency in its work that was one the key recommendation of the Kosovar Centre for Security Studies.

IPSOS Strategic Marketing gathered the data in Kosovo in September 2018 on a sample of 1.108 adult citizens and the Kosovar Centre for Security Studies interpreted results. The POINTPULSE network created questionnaire used as a research instrument in the survey. “Face to face” interview technique were conducted.

This is the fourth round of public opinion surveys conducted in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, and Kosovo in order to examine citizens’ views on security, police, and corruption.

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