SKOPJE—For full professionalization of the Macedonian police is crucial to invest in the capacities of the regulatory oversight bodies and internal control units was the main conclusion of the expert consultations organized by the Analytica on December 14 in Skopje, Macedonia.

Analytica conducted consultations with the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice, Public Prosecution and experts from civil society organizations in order to shape recommendations on the external oversight and internal control of the police.

Prof. Dr. Gordan Kaladžiev outlined that the main deficiencies in the criminal justice system that negatively influence the process of establishing criminal accountability are a situation when perpetrators are officers with police powers.

In that context, one of the biggest challenges is motivating police officers to report any irregularities or corruptive practices within the service, mainly due to the police culture and police solidarity, concluded Magdalena Lembovska from Analytica.

All participants agreed that there is a need for more efforts for further professionalization of the police service and investing in the capacities of the mechanisms for oversight and control.

The participants highlighted the importance of the newly established unit for prosecuting cases incriminating police officers and recommended establishing modules of cooperation with the internal control unit within the Ministry of Interior and with the Ombudsperson.

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