BELGRADE — Serious challenges are identified with the procurement of combat boots, toners, and radars for the police in Serbia.

The PRO-CURE network of civil society organizations from Serbia in October and November 2016 assessed the performance of four procurements based on the Toolkit for Civil Assessment of Public Expenditure Performance in the Security Sector. The goal of the project PRO-CURE is to contribute to increased transparency and accountability of public procurement in the security sector through strengthening civilian supervision.

Main Findings





Case Studies

Serious Shortcomings in the Contract for Combat Boots


The Ministry of Interior in 2014 signed the half-million Euros contract for a delivery of 14500 combat boots for police officers in Serbia with the company “Gepard” from Novi Sad. Serious shortcomings are identified in planning, implementation and execution phase of the procurement. Check out and infographic on this topic.


Criminologists without Employment in the Police


The Serbian Ministry of Interior does not possess a systematic employment policy for the graduates of the Academy for Criminalistics and Police Studies, even though it uses millions of Euros to finance its work. The Ministry of Interior spent EUR 3.4 million in 2015, while in 2016 the figure stood at 2.3 million.


The Penny Drops on Toners for the Police


The three procurements of printing toners during 2015 for the Ministry of Interior were marked with irregularities in the planning, implementation, and execution phase. The consequences were that the employees had to work for more than a year in difficult circumstances without proper printing services.


Road Safety: Between Strategic Position and Practical Neglect

radars-police-serbiaMore than a half of road accidents with at least one fatality in Serbia is caused by reckless driving. Still, serious challenges are identified. The Ministry of Interior does not plan to purchase radars. In the absence of MoI’s involvement, local units of the traffic police turn to local authorities for funds.


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