SKOPJE— Openness and transparency in financial and human resource management within Macedonian police is one of the keys to the development of integrity, concluded civil society activists and police representative in the expert consultations organized by the Analytica on December 27.

Analytica conducted consultations with the Ministry of Interior, Police Training Centre, police trade unions and experts from civil society organizations in order to shape recommendations on the financial and human resource management within the police in Macedonia.

Researcher Magdalena Lembovska from Analytica at the beginning presented key findings on internal financial control and procurement in the Ministry of Interior.

“The website of the Ministry of Interior does not contain any information on the budget, financial management, internal audit or public procurement. There are insufficient resources for the internal audit that prevents sound internal financial oversight and control. At the same time, past misuses of the public procurements indicate that serious efforts needed in order to ensure financial accountability”, explained Lembovska.

In line with findings, police and civil society representatives discussed the need for strengthening the capacities of the internal audit within the Ministry of Interior.

This organizational unit must become key internal oversight body on financial issues within the Ministry, concluded participants.

In addition, the Ministry should provide better financial transparency online, concluded police representatives and civil society activists.

In the second part of the consultations, participants discussed the human resource management within the police.

Various issues noted especially during the process of employment of police officers, career development and training.

“One of the key issues is the exceptionally high number of lawsuits against the Ministry of Interior, submitted by their employees due to a violation of labor rights. Those practices can result in low work satisfaction, while also bringing significant financial costs to the Ministry. For that reason, there is a need for better usage of the existing resources and developing a plan for fully equipping all police units”, clarified police union representative.

Police representatives underlined the need for better internal communication between the police officers and the top management.

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