The goal of the policy opinion is to show how much of the budget is being allocated to finance the police structures in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

There are 16 police agencies organized on different levels of governance and 5 more institutions closely connected to police activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

Such a complicated police system is a reflection of the constitutional and social-political order in BiH.

The policy opinion contains budget analysis of ten cantonal and two entity ministries of interior, Police of Brčko District, Ministry of Security BiH and its seven administrative organizations. These are: Border Police, State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA), Service for Foreigners Affairs, Direction for Coordination of Police Bodies, Agency for Forensic and Expert Examinations, Agency for Education and Professional Training and Police Support Agency.

In this policy paper, special focus will be on agencies with classical police powers (Border Police, State Investigation and Protection Agency and Direction for Coordination of Police Bodies).

Concerning the time of the research, the budget costs in 2011 and 2015 were analyzed. The time gap of four calendar years provides basis to identify trends and consumption dynamics important for the functioning of the above mentioned institutions. Primary sources of data used in the research are audit reports for 2011 and budgets of different government levels for the year 2015.

The policy paper includes five recommendations to rationalize the use of budget funds for financing police institutions in BiH.

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